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The Only Police Officer in History to Convince a Serial Killer to Voluntarily Walk into a 
Police Department Where Steven Promptly Placed the Killer Under Arrest (The Clairemont Killer)
Jeffrey - Jeff to his friends and family - was different from most serial killers. The Dahmer Book tells the details about what Jeff was like and provides information most may have never read before. The Dahmer Book includes portions of the Official FBI Case File on Jeff and portions of Jeff's official confession to police detectives and Steven provides detailed maps of the important locations of events.  You will also find portions of Jeff's military record and a listing of the evidence removed from Jeff's apartment.      245 pages.
What makes serial killers tick? How do they operate? What are the early warning signs that someone may be a serial killer? Serial Killer (Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer) discusses these topics and many, many more.
Serial Killer-Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer is a well written and well organized book that gets inside of the mind of America’s most nefarious killers. About as close as we can get to understanding the men and women who commit these crimes is in Steven Lampley’s well-researched book."  Willis Morgan, Miami Herald (Ret)     117 pages.
Want true it is! True crime cases and stories right from the files of a career police officer and Sex Crimes SVU detective. Jeffrey Dahmer, The Clairemont Killer (America's Most Wanted®), Canada's Most Wanted and Fugitive From Justice, and more. Real cases. Real stories, Real people. Steven David Lampley is a twenty-one year veteran police officer and sex-crimes (SVU) detective. Steven worked some of the toughest streets America had to offer in a city that was ranked fifth by the FBI in violent crime. You have probably seen some of the cases on which Steven worked on such television networks as Investigation Discovery®, TruTV®, and The Discovery Channel® and in print media such as the New York Times®, Los Angeles Times®, the San Diego Union Tribune®,  and the Gadsden Times®. Steven negotiated with, and arrested, The Clairemont Killer who was featured on America's Most Wanted® and the only police officer in history to convince a serial killer to voluntarily walk into the police department where the killer was immediately apprehended.    290 pages.
No one wants to be lied to, but yet, it happens every day! In a given day, one can hear as many as 100 to 200 lies! Did you know that? Sure, lying is a problem, but the bigger problem is do you know when it happens? Perhaps you cannot stop being told lies, but you can do something about knowing when it happens! Most people like to think they are good lie detectors, but studies show that is not the case! In fact, these studies show that someone who is not properly trained in lie detection can only catch lies about 54 percent of the time! That's no better than flipping a coin! Studies also show that someone who IS properly trained in lie detection can catch lies about 90 percent of the time! A MAJOR difference!A lot of people believe that if someone will not look them in their eyes when they talk, then that means they are certainly lying. That is NOT true and How to Catch a Liar explains why this belief is errant and provides the techniques and indicators that do indicate that you may have lied to! From a 21 year career police officer and undercover sex crimes SVU detective.      A NUMBER FOUR HOT NEW RELEASE IN FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY ON AMAZON!          101 pages.

Autographed books are not mass signed, they are signed after you order!  Because of special processing and handling, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  

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