Written by Serial Killer Profiler and former 21 year career police officer and undercover SVU detective, Steven David Lampley.
Steven was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer featured on FOX's America's Most Wanted.  He is also the arresting officer of an International Fugitive from Justice, Number One Most Wanted on Canada's Most Wanted.
Steven is a writer for Psychology Today, and a contributing writer for Death Investigator Magazine and Law Enforcement Today and a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on FOX Nation and Sirius Radio with over seventy appearances!
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Jeffrey - Jeff to his friends and family - was different from most serial killers.

In The Dahmer Book, Steven tells the truth about what Jeff was like and provides information most may have never read before.

Steven has included portions of the OFFICIAL FBI Case File on Jeff and portions of Jeff's OFFICIAL confession to police detectives!

Steven takes you into the very life of Jeff, into his childhood home, in the United States Army, to his time in Florida and to Milwaukee and his apartment where he committed some of the most heinous murders in world history.

245 PAGES!!  Paperback Edition!

Pages from Jeff's Official Police Confession!
Pages from Jeff's Official Army File!
Floor plan of Jeff's apartment showing locations of evidence!
Maps showing important locations of the events in Jeff's life!
Pages from the Official FBI Case File on Jeff!










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