Normally held in metropolitan areas, we want to provide everyone in the Shoals Area the opportunity to attend this acclaimed, standing-room-only session.
We need to gauge interest in the area in order to see if there will be enough attendance.
With attendance at other venues reaching as high as 1,000 people, we need to make sure there will be enough attendance to make the event viable.
We are needing a minimum of 50 people to attend.  
Please take a moment and let us know if would would attend this session.  At this time, it appears that this session will be held the week of September 23-28, 2019, probably either the 23rd or 24th. We will know more as we see how many will be attending.  Tickets will be just $25 each!
We want to host this life-changing session in the Shoals Area and need your help!  We ask you to invite others to attend with you!
• Co-workers
• Family
• Friends
• Social Media Contacts
• Fellow Organization Members
Send them here to let us know!  Quite frankly, the success of the session depends on attendance and you can help!  
Thank you!
Please let us know
if you plan on attending by
Thursday, September 12, 2019!  We will need to rent a facility and set up ticket sales.
Tell others and share this page! 

Almost one thousand people in a standing room only ballroom!

The New York Times

Literally on the edge of

heir seats!

The Telegraph (London)

He can relay that information in a way anybody can understand!

Nancy Grace


Oxygen Channel

You gave us so much valuable information that I could barely scribble

it all down!

Jean Marie Black

I Hope the room is big enough to hold us all!

Luann Kerber Pagels

Was awesome!

Emma Jameson

You were awesome and the crowd loved you!

Red Seat Ventures (NYC)

Let Us Know!  Success of this Seminar is Up to You!

Be Sure to share this page with

everyone you know!

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