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I find, as I present the How to Catch a Liar program, that most people believe they are pretty good at spotting lies.  Unfortunately, that is not the case. Not only do most people not know what to look for, they do not know how to apply what they see in the proper manner, or they have picked up wrong information as to what indicates that a lie has been told.
One of the biggest misconceptions is "If they don't look me in my eyes when they are talking to me, they are lying."
In the How to Catch a Liar Program, I discuss why this is false as well as other misconceptions regarding picking out lies.
The ability to pick out lies and the people who tell them, is an amazing skill-set and one that can not only be used in a professional setting, but in everyday life!
In the session, we discuss the proper indicators to look for as well as how to apply them.  We discuss verbal, physical, and combination indicators.  Indicators such as vocal tone, words and phrases used, words and phrases not used, gesturing, body movements, sentence structure, facial expressions, and other important components of lying and how to decipher what you are seeing. Just learning the indicators are ineffective without knowing how to decipher and interpret what you see.
In the two hour How to Catch a Liar Program, we discuss all of this and arm you with proven techniques of detecting lies.
Contact us for more information on having Steven present the How to Catch a Liar Program to your corporation, college, university, police or corrections academy, or organization.
Real Estate Agents
Police Officers
Corrections Officers
Car Sales Professionals
Loan Officers
Insurance Agents
School Teachers
College Professors
Medical Staff
Loss Prevention Staff
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School Resource Officers
Private Detectives
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Anyone who wants to learn how
to catch liars in their tracks!
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Steven is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

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"There is no profession that can’t benefit from detecting lairs."

McCollum, Director

Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

"I sat in on a session by Steven David Lampley on How to Catch a Liar.  Holy crudstunk – that was useful.  Not only is it something I can use as a true crime author when I interview people – it is something I can apply in my day-job as well."

Blaine Lee Pardoe

New York Times Best Selling Author (True Crime)

"I had the distinct opportunity to attend Steven David Lampley’s presentation How to Catch a Liar at CrimeCon 2018 in Nashville. Because I was also doing presentations about The Keepers, it was difficult to attend many sessions, but I made sure not to miss this one.


Lampley used humor, video clips, and his wealth of experience to engage the audience in of lie detection.  I specifically attended his session so that I, myself, could return to interviews featured in The Netflix docuseries The Keepers.  I took copious notes during Lampley’s presentation and used those to analyze our suspects, survivors, detectives, police officers and attorneys in the seven episodes. 


I was fascinated to find so many of the indicators Steven demonstrated as I reviewed the individuals.  I intend to delve into Lampley’s books and online information as I pursue the truth about who killed my beloved teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnik, in 1969.​"

Gemma Hoskins



The Keepers

"I loved Steven David Lampley's session, How to Catch a Liar."

Alison Oles

"He was great!  It was may favorite session at CrimeCon2018."

Gloria Kelly

"You ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!  You're awesome!"

Kevin Thompson

"You gave out so much excellent information that I could barely scribble it all down!"

Jean Black

"I have learned so much from you Steven. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You are awesome!!!"

Terry Hancock

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