Presentations of Forensic Topics to Public and Private Schools
Absolutely Free!
Crime Scene Investigator


As a way to give back to communities across the world, Steven is making himself available to speak to public and private school science and/or forensics classes!


Forensics is an ever-growing and changing field with a wealth of possibilities and opportunities.


Steven presents for one-hour and covers such topics as

•  Serial Killer Profiling

•  Deception Detection

•  Homicide and Decomposition

•  Entomology of Decomposition

•  Real World Forensic Cases

•  Cyber Forensics

and if there is time

•  Pollen and Glitter as Trace Evidence

"His skills place him in the
"cream of the crop" category."

William T. Gaut, PhD
Deputy Chief (Ret)
Homicide Division
Birmingham Police Department

Steven is known the world over for his ability to ascertain liars and his knowledge of serial killers and is, himself, a Serial Killer Profiler.  He was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer who was featured on America's Most Wanted and covered by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, TruTV and other media.  Steven was also the serial killer profiler for The Atlanta Homeless Killer.

He is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on FOX Nation and SIRIUS Radio with over 75 appearances!


In addition, Steven is a Cold Case Investigator and is currently working on the 1969 abduction, torture, and murder of twelve year old Kathy Jones from the Woodbine area of Nashville, Tennessee.  His book about the investigation went to NUMBER ONE as an AMAZON BESTSELLER within hours!

He is a retired police officer and undercover SVU detective with twenty-one years on duty. While undercover, he flushed out and arrested an International Fugitive From Justice and worked closely with the FBI, Department of Justice's United States Attorney's Office, the United Stated Postal Inspector's Service, as well as his state's Attorney General's Office.

Nancy Grace says of Steven, "He is a well-regarded former detective!"

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