How to

catch a liar

for Nonprofits
The same highly-sought-after program originally presented to a packed, sanding room-only audience of almost 1,000 in the Presidential Ballroom of the Gaylord-Opryland Convention Center but with a school discount!
Steven currently presents the HTCAL program for a speaking fee of $5,000, but as a way to help give-back, Steven has personally reduced the non-profit organization program to just $2,500!  Nope, not even kidding!  
But that's not all.  As an additional way to help, we have two ways you can help raise money to bring Steven to your organization.
Decide how many of your organization members will be sending and select a venue with more seating then you will need.  Your organization may sell tickets to the event and you get to KEEP all revenue raised from ticket sales!  For instance, you have a 300 seat venue and after your organizational members, you will have 250 seats available to fill.  Say you set your ticket price at $20 per ticket, you would gross  $5,000 and that is your money to keep.
The process is simple:
1.  Contact us for additional information and to clear the date.
2.  Remit the speaking fee upon contacting the event.
3.  Arrange for travel and lodging for Steven if necessary.
4.  Advertise the event.
5.  Sell tickets for the available seating.
6.  Host the event and keep the ticket sales revenue!
CONTACT US to check Steven's schedule and for answers to any questions you may have!
Partner with one or more corporations or businesses in your area.  Have them cover Steven's speaking fee and each corporation and/or business will get 'x' number of seats to attend!  You may also decide to sell tickets to the event to those in your community to help generate additional revenue for your organization!
One of the companies you contact to partner with your organization may also have a conference room big enough to host the event and they may allow your organization to use it for free if some of their team can send for free!
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