We are doing something a little bit different and offering referral fees to those who recommend the How to Catch a Liar program to corporations, colleges, universities, conferences, and conventions and that client signs a contract for the program to be presented to their team.

The referral fee is $2,000 when based on the standard speaking fee rate.  The referral fee could be higher or lower depending on the gross speaking fee in the agreed upon contract.  Normally, however, the standard speaking fee is utilized.  If the contracted speaking fee between the referred client and speaker is less than the standard speaking fee rate, the referral fee will be twenty (20) percent of the negotiated rate.

There are some guidelines that we must adhere to.

1.  Before contacting any potential client, send us an email telling us the name and city and state of the contact you will be calling upon.  THIS IS VITAL!!  While we don't expect any problems, by letting us know this information, it precludes someone finding out you contacted a potential client and then THEY tell us that THEY, not you, arranged that referral!!  The second thing it does is in the event that someone else has contacted that client previously, we can tell you that as well.

2.  Referral fees are paid by Cashier's Check within ten (20) days of the receipt of the speaking deposit or payment in full by the client to us.  You do not have to wait until the speaking date to receive your referral fee!

3.  Do not set a speaking date, one of our team will arrange the dates, contracts, and payments.

4.  This is not an employment position and nor is it an independent contractor position.  This is simply a referral fee for your referral resulting in a speaking contract being signed and speaking fee remitted.  Referral fees are solely based on signed contracts between referred client and speaker.

5.  You are responsible for any and all taxes that may ensue as the result of receiving a referral fee.

6.  There is no limit to the number of referral you make.

7.  To make it easy for you to refer this program, we have made the website user-friendly and include sample speaking videos and downloadable One Sheet for potential clients to review.

8.  These stipulations and requirements may be subject to change as situations may occur that warrant changes.

9. Before contacting any potential client, contact us so we can go over additional information so that we have everything we need to pay you your referral fee upon a client signing a speaking contact and paying the deposit or full speaking fee.


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