$250 Per Contracted Referral!

When you contact a company, organization, educational institution, conference, or convention about the ONLINE or ONSITE, How to Detect Lies & Deception keynote and training program, and we contract with them to present the program, you will receive 25 percent of the speaking/training fee!*

Well, actually, you get a wee bit more, because 25 percent would be $247.50, but we will round it up a couple of bucks to $250.

How much would you like to have extra each month?  $250?  $500?  $1,000?  It is up to you!

There is no limit to the number of referrals you may submit! 

*There are a couple of conditions and guidelines you must follow, so contact us before you begin so we can provide you with the information to get started today!  Sorry, this is only available to residents of the United States at this time.



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