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Opening some of the most notorious cold cases from across the world, Steven brings on the top experts from across the globe in the fields of anthropology, blood spatter, cold case investigations, DNA, crime scene reconstruction, death investigation, microanthropology, and other fields of forensics as they discuss each cold case homicide and missing person in exacting detail!
lie detection expert, expert lie detector, public speaker

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lie detection expert, expert lie detector, public speaker

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Some of Steven's Guests Have Included:

Lana Wood:  

Film star, "Bond Girl," and sister of Natalie Wood.

Bill Kurtis:  

Television show host American Justice, Cold Case Files.

Sheryl McCollum:  

Founder/Director of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute.

Kathy Kleiner:  

Ted Bundy survivor of Chi Omega Sorority House.

Kathy Smith:  

Expert crime scene reconstructionist, blood spatter expert.

Joe Giacalone:  

Former Commander of NYPD's Cold Case Unit.

Carlos Gutierrez:

Founder of the field of Microanthropology and professor of Forensics.

Joseph Scott Morgan:

Death investigator, Distinguished Professor of Applied Forensics.

Marvin "The Weasel" Elkind:  

Mafia Associate and former driver for Jimmy Hoffa.

Deirdra Capone:  

Niece of Public Enemy Number One, Al Capone.

Mehul Anjaria:

Leading expert in DNA.

Chris Hansen:

Host of To Catch a Predator.

Many More!

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