• Steven Lampley

I Want to Help You Succeed!

How many people have ever told you that?

Am I kidding? Nope, I am very serious!

We have some things in the works to help you do just that - succeed!

Can I talk to you candidly for just a moment?

Do you know that not everyone actually wants more out of life? As hard to believe as that sounds, it is absolutely true! In fact, most people are not looking for any more out of life than to go to work, go home, flip through the television channels, go to bed, and repeat. Another segment, about 22 percent of the population wants more out of life, they just do not know where to begin or how to get there. The remaining three percent, know what they want and, come hell or high water, nothing's going to stop them!

Of the almost TWO BILLION people who want to be, and are willing to work to be, successful and have someone who will help them, a lot of them don't really listen! T have found this from experience. In fact, I was one of them once upon a time!

I wanted to be successful and I had some VERY SUCCESSFUL people help me along the way. Multimillionaires and famous individuals who offered up their time and advice and I, silly me - stupid me, sought to pick and choose what I was willing to do! Now just what kind of sense did THAT make? Someone was willing to teach me and I simply picked the parts I thought would work and that I liked. Needless to say, because I was not willing to follow directions I failed, at that time, to achieve the success I sought.

It was some years later I decided that I should have done everything they told me. My version was not working.

What I am saying here is that a lot of people want to be successful, but they only want to do the fun stuff, the things they are comfortable doing, the things that, to them, make sense.

Successful people become that way because of a number of factors, but the biggest factor is that they are willing to become students, open minded, willing to do whatever is necessary, no matter how "crazy" or unnecessary they think a task is.

Do you want to be successful?

Are you wiling to do what is necessary without exception?

If you want success and are willing to apply yourself and have an open mind, we can work together!

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