We Want To Partner With
   You And Put Some Cash In
     Your Pocket!
       ...And No, We Are Not
        Seeking Any Money
         From You!
Standing room only audiences across the country...



People are simply sick and tired of being scammed, deceived, and lied to!
The proof of this is the standing room only audiences across the country attending this program!
The New York Times and London's, The Telegraph, have both covered Steven's program!
We have begun implementing a country-wide tour and would love to partner with you!
What are we looking for?
What's in it for you?



There is no out of pocket expense to you!
Okay, as a podcaster, what do we need to do?
On your podcast, play one of our thirty-second speaking program pre-recorded promo or read one of our host-read scripts in two of your podcast advertising spots each show.
Listeners will be told to contact us and provide a podcast code specific to your podcast!  This way, we know where they heard the ad!
For instance, the ad might say, "Contact us at Steven Lampley dot com and provide podcast code CRIME 23."  We will know, then, where the potential client heard our ad!
If they contract with us for Steven to present the How to Catch a Liar program at the standard, speaker's bureau rate, we send you twenty percent of the gross contract speaking fee in a Certified Cashiers' Check within ten (10) days of their contract!
How much do you stand to put in your pocket?
Each standard speaker's bureau contracted speaking program will provide to you $2,000 per contract.


Let's talk and get this program working for you!
Cash is waiting!
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Steven David Lampley.  Speaker.  Radio Show Host.  Author.  Actor.  True Crime Radio.  Lie Detection Expert.  Expert Lie Detector.

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