FUN?  You bet!

LAID BACK?  Of course!

If you like working with people, professionals in their fields and some of the top business leaders in the world, and earn top commission for your efforts, then you may have found what you are looking for!

If this sounds interesting to you, and the thoughts of earning $4,000 a month (or more, your choice!) in commissions, sounds even better, then you may be who we are looking for!

Have fun, low-stress, work with professionals, excellent commissions, and the opportunity to work with one of the nation's most respected speakers, true crime authors, and media consultants in the nation!

Tell Me More!

What would you be doing?

Easy!  As an independent contractor, use your excellent people, sales, and closing skills to call upon leaders in business, education, professional organizations, and conferences and conventions to set up speaking engagements for Steven.  


How many speaking engagements?  

Just two a month!  You may close more if you wish!

How much can I earn each month?

Steven has a very low minimum requirement of just two closed speaking engagements per month!  Can you close more than two?  Of course, we just have to make sure the speaking engagements work out logistically.  In other words, we just have to make sure Steven is not speaking in Los Angeles one morning and then he is supposed to be in New York two hours after that engagement!  :-)  

Closing just two engagements a month at Steven's current contract rate, your commission would be $4,000 a month! Not too shabby for a part-time gig!

When do I get paid?

We do not make you wait until the event if over!  Once the contract is signed by Steven and the client remits the deposit as required by the contract, you will receive your commission from that deposit!

Well, I'm Guessing the Qualifications are Tough...

Is a college degree required? 

Nope!  Honestly, we don't care if you took World History and Badminton.  



What are the requirements then? 

We need someone who possesses the following:

• Professional and positive, get it done, attitude

• Punctual

• Proven cold-calling skills

• Proven closing skills

• Pass background check and drug screen

• Be bondable

• Proven track record of sales ability

• Have a reliable internet connection

• Possess a reliable telephone

• Have a quiet work environment

• Prepare weekly progress reports

Due to the evolving position, these requirements can change.

I Can Do This!

If you feel this is for you, send us your contact information along with your CV or Resume.  Do NOT send us attachments of any kind.  CV and Resumes must be text only!  Any inquiry containing any attachments will be deleted, unopened, and removed from consideration for the position.

Also include a paragraph why you feel you are the right person for this independent contractor position.

Do NOT follow up after submitting your information.  If we feel you fit our requirements, we will contact you.  Thank you!



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