There is no profession that can't benefit from detecting liars!
Sheryl McCollum
Cold Case Investigative Research Institute
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Holy crudstrunk - that was useful.  Not only is it something I can use as a true crime author when I interview people - it is something I can apply in my day-job as well.
Blaine Lee Pardoe
New York Times Best Selling Author (True Crime)
From the Author of "Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer,"
and How to Have the Psychological Advantage."

Just because someone will not look you in your eyes doesn't mean they are lying to you, yet 73 percent of all people use this to determine if someone is telling the truth! 

"He must be lying to me, he has his arms folded."  NOT TRUE, yet many people use this as an indicator that someone is lying to them!  

In fact, most people believe they are pretty good at picking out lies and liars, but that is not true.  Most can only pick out a lie about 54 percent of the time!  Heck, just flip a coin!  


Studies have shown that someone who has received proper training in detecting lies can do so around 90 percent of the time!  A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

How to Catch a Liar is written by a former 21-year career police officer and undercover SVU detective.  


Some of his cases have been shown on Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, TruTV, and FOX and have been covered by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Tuscaloosa Times, and Gadsden Times.

Steven is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, contributing writer for Law Enforcement Today, host of the acclaimed Crime & Forensics radio show on NBC News Affiliate KCAA in Los Angeles.

Steven takes his vast knowledge of how to get the truth and now shares it with you in this book!

Full of practical, proven, actionable information!

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"Unsurprisingly, this lecture attracted more than 850 people. It was given by Steven David Lampley, a former police officer and undercover detective. The audience at this one were, notepads out, scribbling notes furiously, quite literally on the edge of their seats."

111 Buckingham Palace Road   London, England

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Steven David Lampley.  Speaker.  Radio Show Host.  Author.  Actor.  True Crime Radio.  Lie Detection Expert.  Expert Lie Detector.

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