On November 29, 1969, little 12-year-old Kathy worked hard around the house to earn a dollar to go to the skating rink with her brand new hand-me-down skates she had been given.
They were used, but to Kathy, they were the grandest things she had ever received.  
You see, Kathy never knew what it was like to wear new clothes, they were all given to her, used.  K
athy never had much in life. In fact, her whole life, everything was stacked against this precious angel.
To most anyone, having to just live to survive would be bad enough, but for Kathy, life was so much worse!  
Kathy had a "lazy eye" and the other kids in her school would make fun of her and bully her.  
Kathy took it all in stride and, while a quiet child, was always happy and had a smile on her face.  
She loved her meager life and was seldom down in spirit.  She was the shining light in her family.
Kathy finished her chores and with the dollar her mom gave her to go skating and to go by the Krispy Kreme on her way to the skating rink, she kissed her mom, thanked her for the dollar and left out the front door of her home to begin the twenty minute walk down Nolensville Road to Thompson Lane to go skating.
Kathy never made it to the skating rink.  She was abducted, brutally tortured, raped, and horrendously murdered.


Kathy's skates were dumped in the field beside her lifeless body by her murderer.

Little Kathy never had a chance in this world.  Everything was stacked against this angel from the day she was born.

This book was written to get her cold case information out to the public in the hopes that someone, somewhere will have even the tiniest bit of information to help close this case and get Kathy the justice this little girl so truly deserves.

Each Autographed Copy of

12 and Murdered

is only


12 and Murdered, was written for the sole purpose of providing Kathy's cold case information to the public in the hopes that someone, somewhere will have even the slightest bit of information and will come forward to help get this little angel the justice she so richly deserves.
I receive no royalties on the sale of this book.  I do this to keep the cost of the book to a minimum so that (1) More people can afford to get a copy and (2) Allow people to purchase multiple copies and give away to family and friends.
As a former police officer and undercover SVU detective working child solicitation and child sex cases, I know that even the tiniest bit of information can sometimes blow a case wide open and solve it.  Perhaps you have the information needed to help solve this for little Kathy?  Maybe you can give a copy to someone else who, themself, may have that breaking information or evidence?
Originally, this book was not going to be available in autograph format but, due to the many requests, we are making this book available in an autographed edition.
The cost of these autographed copies of 12 and Murdered  is more than the mass paperback version as it requires shipping twice and special handling, still, we have kept this book to the bare minimum in price to you.
NOTE:  There has been a mark-up of $2.00 per autographed copy that will go to a flower fund to buy flowers for Kathy's grave in Springhill Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee.  When these flowers are purchased and placed on her grave, photos will be made and sent to each person so you can see the flowers you helped buy to adorn her tiny grave.  
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