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The Only Police Officer In History To Persuade A SERIAL KILLER To Walk Into A Police Department For Arrest!

Writer for Psychology Today, Law & Crime.

Regular Guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.

Former twenty-one year career police officer and undercover SVU detective.  You may have seen some of his cases on TruTV, Investigation Discovery, FOX, The Discovery Channel, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Tuscaloosa Times, and The Gadsden Times.

He is the host of Crime & Forensics radio show on iHeart Radio, Spotify, iTunes, and TuneIn, and author, and keynote speaker!

How do you persuade in negotiations?  Steven explains!

How to you persuade others to do as you wish?  Steven explains!

Maybe you just want to convince your children to eat their broccoli or get your spouse to pick a restaurant!  Steven explains!

"His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

William T. Gaut, PhD

Deputy Chief (Retired)
Homicide Division
Birmingham (AL) Police Department

What People Are Saying!

Sheryl McCollum


Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

"Every conversation with

Steven David Lampley

is a psychological dance."

What makes people want to do as you ask?

What makes people resist?

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Steven David Lampley.  Speaker.  Radio Show Host.  Author.  Actor.  True Crime Radio.  Lie Detection Expert.  Expert Lie Detector.

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