The two hour How to Catch a Liar Training Program has been presented to standing room audiences across America.  Why the big demand?  People are just simply tired of being lied to and those telling the lies getting away with it!  Lying has turned into a rampant scourge across the world and people want solutions!
Studies show that only twelve (12) percent of all lies told are caught.  In other words, eighty-eight (88) percent of all lies told you you, you do not catch and the liar gets away with telling the lie!
That is totally unacceptable!  
There is a solution, however: The How to Catch a Liar Training Program!
Taught by founder and former twenty-one (21) year career police officer and undercover SVU detective, Steven David Lampley, the How to Catch a Liar Training Program is a game-changing, actionable, easy to understand, practical training program teaching participants the skills necessary to learn how to identify the complex web of the various types of lies.
This program is a real eye-opener and has closed to rave reviews from those who attended!
Did you know that men and women lie for different reasons?
Did you know that more lies are told over the telephone than by any other communication method?
Did you know that people tend to believe men with beards over men who are clean shaven?
Did you know that not looking someone in their eyes when talking is NOT a guaranteed sign of a lie like most people believe?
Did you know that humans begin lying as early as age four?
Did you know that sixty (60) percent of adults cannot have a ten minute conversation without lying at least once during that conversation?
Did you know that liars use fewer and smaller words?
Did you know that pronouns can help identify a lie?
Which statement below is a lie?
I didn't take the money from the safe!
I didn't take the money from the safe!
They look the same don't they?  They're not, and in the How to Catch a Liar Training Program Steven teaches how to tell!  No wonder why Steven's venues fill to capacity!


Perhaps you are a non-profit organization needing to raise much needed cash or a business who would like to partner with us to generate a cash flow from this training seminar, either way, this program be tailored for you needs!
So, how does this work?
It's pretty simple, actually!
Here's What You Should Do:
1.  Contact us to find an open date.
2.  Contract with us for the event and remit the base speaking fee of $1,500.
3.  Find a professional quality venue with seating of no less than 300.  
4.  Advertise, advertise, advertise the event.
5.  Sell tickets unless you are providing this training seminar for free for goodwill, public relations, or publicity.  You keep all ticket sale revenue!
6.  Arrange travel and lodging for the speaker.
7.  Hold the event.
We suggest a per-person ticket price of $25.  A filled 300 seat venue at $25 per person equals $7,500!  Less speaking fee and estimated travel and lodging generates an approximate revenue of approximately $5,000!  
This may be the easiest fundraising program you have ever used!
Contact us today for more information!
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