Offering consultation service to attorneys and licensed private investigators on a
case by case basis.
Steven David Lampley is a former 21-year career police officer and undercover SVU detective.  Some of the cases he worked on have been seen on Investigation Discovery, Discovery Channel, TruTV, and FOX as well as covered by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Gadsden Times, and other print media.
Mr. Lampley was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, a serial killer featured on America's Most Wanted.  He was also the arresting officer of a Fugitive from Justice on Canada's Most Wanted.
During his career he served as a Field Training Officer, Traffic Radar Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Riot Team Member, and a member of the competition firearms team.
Mr. Lampley is the author of numerous true crime books including Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, How to Have the Psychological Advantage, The Dahmer Book, Outside Your Door, and I Was the Girl about his time online portraying himself as a fourteen year old girl identifying and apprehending online predators.
He is a monthly contributing writer for Psychology Today in Law & Crime, contributing writer to Law Enforcement Today, and contributing writer to Death Investigator Magazine.
He is the host of the acclaimed radio show and podcast, Crime & Forensics heard worldwide on iHeart, Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Alexa, and other podcast media.  Mr. Lampley is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace having made thirty-five appearances thus far.
He travels the country presenting his program, How to Identify Lies and Deception, teaching corporations, colleges, universities, security companies, police academies, conferences, and conventions on the techniques of lie detection.
NOTE:  Mr. Lampley does not take cases from individuals. 
If you are in the private sector and would like Mr. Lampley to consult on your case, you should retain the services of a licensed, professional private investigator and request your investigator to contact Mr. Lampley for consultation on your case.  Your private investigator will contact Mr. Lampley and arrange retainer payment and consultation services.
Initial Consultation
No fee for the initial consultation unless I agree to take the consult.  If I agree to take the consultation there will be an initial consult fee subtracted from the initial retainer.
(Per hour, or fraction thereof, of the  initial consultation.)
Consultation Services Retainer
(Billed at $500 per hour and non-refundable.)
Travel Days
$5,000 per day
(Plus meals, travel (air and/or ground), lodging, and other related expenses.)
Video Review Retainer (Deception)
Retainer of $5,000
(Billed at $500 per hour or fraction thereof.  Non-refundable.)
Court Appearance
(Per court day, or fraction thereof, plus meals, travel, lodging, and other related expenses.)
If the initial retainer is depleted an additional retainer will be required and billed out at the specified rate listed above.
Consultation services on any case expire thirty (30) days after receipt of the last retainer unless otherwise arranged.
Mr. Lampley typically only accepts three to four consultations per year.


Due to the complexities of today's legal system, i do not offer opinions or give advice on cases which i am not a consultant.  To render an opinion or advice on such cases would be irresponsible and nothing more than a game of "What if..."

If you need an opinion or advice on your case that I am not a consultant, I suggest you contact an attorney.

Thank you for understanding.





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