With some lie detection experts charging over $1,400 per student to teach lie and deception detection techniques (no, not kidding), it's honestly hard for most to be able to afford learning this much needed, valuable, and life-changing skill.
In his keynote presentations to conventions and conferences, Steven's fee is in the five figures and, yes, pretty much cost prohibitive to the masses.
Well, realizing that a lot of people are being excluded from learning this empowering skill, Steven has developed the concept of COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS!
Pretty simple actually.  If you want to learn how to detect lies and deception, and honestly, who doesn't, just get a group of around 25 or more folks together who also want to learn and contact us so we can determine a date and time! 
Arranging for people to attend can be done pretty easy by contacting friends, social service organizations, PTOs, schools, or other businesses or organizations!  What if you have more than 25?  No problem, just make sure the location is suitable for the number of people attending!
The event in Nashville attracted almost 1,000 people.  In Chicago, there were almost 400 people and the same in New Orleans!  
Forget the $1,400 per student fee!  Forget the convention and conference keynote fee! Each person can attend for just $149.00!  YES!  ONLY $149!  NOT KIDDING!
Once everything is lined up, we will launch the ticket purchasing gateway for your community workshop and everyone and get their tickets immediately!
Just locate a venue for the program presentation to be held.  Locations can be in community centers, libraries, schools, churches, local community theaters, basically anywhere that is suitable for holding a 90-minute workshop.
Don't worry about Steven's travel or lodging expenses, he covers these expenses himself for COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS.*  Oh, and by the way, everyone who attends will receive a complimentary copy of Steven's book, How to Catch a Liar !
We appreciate you helping to organize your very own COMMUNITY WORKSHOP!  As a small way of showing our appreciation, we want to provide you with a couple of goodies for your time and effort based on the number of tickets sold to the workshop you organized!**
•  Get a FREE pass for yourself and two other friends!
•  On the day of the workshop, you will get a cool $100 in your pocket!
•  Get a FREE pass for yourself and four more for friends!
•  On the day of the workshop, you will get a cool $500 in your pocket!
•  Get a FREE pass for yourself and ten more for your friends!
•  On the day of the workshop, you will get an amazing $2,500 in your pocket!

"He can take that information and relay it in a way anybody can understand."

Nancy Grace


Oxygen Channel

"His skills place him in the "cream of the

crop" category!"

William T. Gaut, PhD

Deputy Chief (RET)

Homicide Division

Birmingham (AL) Police Department

"Holy crud stunk, that was useful!"

Blaine Lee Pardoe

NTY Best Selling Author

"Almost one thousand people in a standing

room only ballroom!"

New York Times

"Quite literally on the edge of their seats!"

The Telegraph (London, England)

"I specifically attended his session so that I could return to interviews featured in the NETFLIX docuseries, The Keepers

Gemma Hoskins



The Keepers

"You were awesome and the crowd loved you!"

Red Seat Ventures

New York City

"I loved Steven David Lampley's session!"

Alison Oles


*Sorry, the details above apply only to COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS in the 48 continental United States. Community workshops are available in Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries, but the details must be made on a case-by-case basis. 

**Free passes provided and monetary stipend paid to one organizer.  If there is more than one organizer, t he free passes and monetary stipend can, if (s)he chooses, be distributed by the main organizer among all organizers.

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