of Children

Can we be honest here?  Steven will admit, investigating cold cases is not where he thought he would be, but he is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

Initially, he only sought to write a true crime book after this 21 years as a certified police officer and undercover SVU detective working crimes against children.

The book did well and, before her knew it, he had penned other true crime books, is a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace on FOX Nation and Sirius Radio (over sixty appearances so far).

His book, Three Blocks, by necessity, led him to investigate the cold case abduction and murder of little six-year-old Dorothy Ann Distelhurst, the subject of the book, from East Nashville, Tennessee, back in 1934.

It was during this investigation that Steven was successful in locating a witness from back in 1934.  A child at that time, this witness was responsible for the exposing of another suspect in this case . . .

Dorothy Ann Distelhurst

Six Years Old


Kathy Jones

Twelve Years Old

While investigating the cold case of Dorothy, another cold case came to Steven's attention, the cold case abduction, heinous torture, and murder of twelve-year-old Kathy Jones of the Woodbine Community of Nashville.

She was a quiet, friendly girl and her family never had much, materially.  She was often bullied at school because she had to wear old, hand-me-down clothes.  To make it worse, because of her "lazy" eye, she was taunted and was the brunt of some classmates' jokes. 

Kathy was so excited that Saturday.  Because the family never really had anything, a cousin had given Kathy her old skates and, while old and worn, to Kathy, those skates were the grandest thing she had ever been given.  She worked so very hard that Saturday on November 29, 1969, doing chores around the house to earn $1.00 so she could go skating and have enough to buy herself a doughnut.

Kathy was en-route to to local doughnut shop and the skating rink at 7:45 pm, when someone abducted her.

A couple of days later, Kathy's nude, lifeless body was discovered in a vacant, weeded field behind the doughnut shop.  Little Kathy had been violently tortured, raped, and sodomized, and murdered and left in the freezing weather.

Steven and his team are currently working this case and have uncovered new names, witnesses, classmates, and background information.

NOTE:  The background satellite  photo was provided by NASA as part of this cold case investigation.  The red triangle is where Kathy's body was found by a Civil Defense Member.

The main road to the right is Nolensville Road and the main road below this text is Thompson Lane in Nashville, Tennessee.



We need resources and a lot of you like being a part of investigations and cold case investigations do not come free and they are often costly, so this is what we decided to do...a win/win.

We have decided to bring on Patreon as a source for funding these investigations.  Patreon, for those who may not know, is a well-respected funding platform founded by a gentleman named Jack Conte. 


[A spot of trivia here: Jack is half of the band, Pomplamoose.  The band made their fame some years back with their awesome Hyundai Christmas commercial.  YOUTUBE LINK.]

We are not looking for millions or even hundreds or tens of thousands, just enough to keep the investigations going.

On this one case, we are only needing $3,200 per month.  This amount may go up or down depending on the needs of the case, but at this time, the listed amount is adequate.

So, you come on board with us, what is in it for you?

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  • Perhaps most importantly, actually being able to help with the case and receiving the immense satisfaction of being an integral part of helping investigate and potentially solve a cold case homicide of a child.

By helping, you can help us to get some equipment we are needing, cover travel and travel related expenses, and cover other related and pop-up expenses as well.

Understand, we are using the CRIME and FORENSICS radio show and podcast portal as our gateway for Patreon and all financial assistance will process through CRIME and FORENSICS. We are melding the two together and using the radio show as an additional portal for information on cold cases.  At this time,  we are not a non-profit organization and your financial assistance will not be tax deductible (just being honest, here).  We are, however, expecting to be a non-profit sometime in the first half of 2021.

We have made it very easy to be involved and have set contribution levels as low as only $5.00 per month or just 17¢ per day.

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The two cold cases mentioned above is just the beginning for us.  We will be taking on additional cold case homicides of children in the coming weeks as we add resources, personnel, and funding.

Your help is vital to making this happen.

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