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NASHVILLE, September 19, 1934

Dorothy was abducted less than three blocks from her home at 2021 Scott Avenue in East Nashville.  Her body was discovered by grounds keepers at a tuberculosis hospital buried in a hospital flower bed in a remote area of the hospital grounds. Her face had been dissolved by acid.

Steven was able to find eye-witnesses who were Dorothy's age, one of which described to Steven a offending pedophile and a brand new suspect in this case.  Efforts are now underway to attempt to identify this male (now deceased):  In his fifties, balding with black hair, very large abdomen (beer belly), driving an older, black pickup truck with an engine that "surged" when it idled.  Suspect was last seen at the

intersection of Ordway Place and North 16th Street in East Nashville, approximately 1.2 miles southwest from Dorothy's home.

If you knew Dorothy as a child and have ANY information on her, her family, or may know who this new suspect is (maybe you, as a child, remember him riding around the neighborhood or perhaps he lived next door to you), please contact Steven.  You may be able to help solve this case and bring the justice that little Dorothy so richly deserves.

[Photo of Dorothy walking on Scott Avenue coming from her kindergarten class.  Photo Credit: Published Sunday, June 29, 1941, in The Tennessean, Nashville, Tennessee, Page 14.]

[TOP: School photo of Kathy.]

[MIDDLE:  At residence prior to moving to Lutie Street.]

[BOTTOM: Kathy as a family get-together.]


NASHVILLE, November 29, 1969

Kathy left her home at 7:30 pm on Saturday, November 29, 1969, to go to Krispy Kreme to get a doughnut before heading on to go skating at the Roller Drome on Thompson Lane.  She was walking and the trip should have taken her about 20 minutes, but she never made it to either location and the dollar she was going to use was still in her coat pocket.

Kathy had been heinously tortured, raped, and abused and her little lifeless body was left, nude except for one sock, in a vacant field behind Krispy Kreme where it was found a couple of days later.

There have been several suspects, but none have ever been charged with her abduction, torture, and murder.

Steven has located eye-witnesses who knew Dorothy and her family, some were Kathy's classmates at Woodbine Elementary School.  Some witnesses have provided full names of individuals who were supposedly known to "like children" and lived in the immediate area.

Steven has two persons of interest.  If you have ANY information on Kathy, her family, possible suspects, suspicious activity pertaining to Kathy, her home, or other information, no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is, PLEASE reach out to Steven.  The very thing you believe may be of no help, may be just the thing he needs to solve this cold case and bring the justice so rightly deserved for Kathy.


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