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Steven David Lampley is an exceptional writer.  With numerous true crime books under his hand and a Number One Best Seller.  His background lends greatly to his impacting books, having been a police officer and undercover SVU detective for twenty-one years working in a city ranked Number Three in violent crime by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Lampley is a noted speaker, filling up convention centers and theaters - standing room only - across the United States, and is known the world-over for his lectures of such topics as Human Decomposition and Homicide Investigations, Entomology and Human Decomposition, Serial Killer Profiling, Detecting Deception and Lying, Powers of Observation, and other forensic, crime, and psychological lectures.  He is a writer for the leading psychological magazine in the world, Psychology Today, and a prior contributor to Death Investigator Magazine and Law Enforcement Today.  Mr. Lampley has appeared on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace over seventy-five times!

Nancy Grace, the Queen of True Crime and seen on networks such as
FOX and Oxygen, says of Steven,
"He is a well-respected former SVU detective."

William T. Gaut, PhD, and Deputy Chief (Retired), Homicide Division,
Birmingham Police Department, relates,
"His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category."

Perhaps you have seen one of Mr. Lampley's actual cases on networks such as Investigation Discovery, Discovery, TruTV, FOX, or maybe you read of one of his cases in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, Tuscaloosa Times, or maybe even WIkipedia.

He is the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, a serial killer featured on FOX's America's Most Wanted.  He was also a serial killer profiler on the Atlanta Homeless Killer case.

Some of his previous true crime books include, Outside Your Door, The Dahmer Book, 12 and Murdered, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, and Three Blocks: The True Story of the Cold Case Abduction and Murder of Dorothy Ann Distelhurst.

Mr. Lampley draws from his real-world, real-life experiences and immense knowledge of human psychology, human personality, and real street and case experiences to pen some of the most thrilling, surprising, and accurate serial killer and horror novels to be found anywhere in the world.
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“Steven is quite the storyteller.  He has a talent for writing, filling the reader with emotion.  You'll leave inspired.  Get ready for the ride.”
Marlena Smith
(The Life I Live)

Muddy Shoes
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TWO DAYS is Mr. Lampley's first foray into psychological thriller serial killer noveldom.

The first book in the Detective Logan Cash series, this book will take you on a ride into the mind of a serial killer leaving you on the edge of your seat and a night light left on all night, with deeply hidden clues embedded along the way.  If you are going to catch these clues, you better be good, really good!

Coming 2023...

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