"Unsurprisingly, this lecture attracted more than 850 people. It was given by Steven David Lampley, a former police officer and undercover detective.

The audience at this one were, notepads out, scribbling notes furiously, quite  literally on the edge of their seats."


Buckingham Palace Road

London, England

"Almost 1,000 people in a standing room only ballroom!"

"People were outside of the door trying to get in and they just didn’t have the room capacity to fit everyone. I saw people sitting on the floor too. I went to the  restroom and had to beg to get back in and  promised them I already had a seat. It was insane. Lol!

Amazing session!"


A former twenty-one year career police officer and undercover SVU detective, Steven worked cases seen on Investigation Discovery®, the Discovery Channel®, FOX®, and TruTV® as well as coverage by the New York Times®, Los Angeles Times®, San Diego Union Tribune®, and the Tuscaloosa Times® as well as numerous books and periodicals.  


Steven was the negotiating and arresting officer of The Clairemont Killer, a serial killer featured on America's Most Wanted®.  He worked closely with the FBI, Department of Justice's United States Attorney's Office, the United States Postal Inspector's Service (USPIS), as well as Alabama Attorney General's Office (Troy King).

For a period of time Steven was the Corporate Security Training Officer for the second largest physical security company in the world and worked with clients such as Mercedes Benz USI, Honeywell, Goodyear, and others.

Steven is an author of numerous true crime books, a contributor to Law Enforcement Today®, Death Investigator® magazine, and the former host of the acclaimed Crime & Forensics radio show heard in Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and across the world on iHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn, Amazon's Alexa, Google Play Music, and various podcast hosting websites.

Steven is a Law & Crime and Deception writer for Psychology Today and a regular guest on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace with over 50 appearances.

He has spoken at CrimeCon for the last two years alongside such speakers as Nancy Grace, Dateline NBC Crew (Josh Mankiewicz, Keith Morrison, Dennis Murphy, and Andrea Canning), Dr. Henry Lee, Ashleigh Banfield, and many others!

Steven is also the Founder and Director of The Oliphant Institute of Forensics and Criminal Justice.

Eighty-two percent of all lies go undetected.  In other words, eighty-two percent of the time people lie to you and you have no idea you have been lied to!  Only catching twelve percent of all lie told to you is not adequate!
Not a good position in which to be!
To compound the problem, in business, approximately ONE TRILLION dollars is lost annually due to lies and deception!
Steven can help you solve this problem!  Speaking to sold-out and standing room only audiences, he explains how to detect these lies and deception.
With proper training in lie detection, the ability to pick out lies and deception can reach as high as 95 percent!
Lying and deception is rampant and common loss prevention and physical security methods cannot solve this problem.  Steven can help!
Steven has taught these methods to law enforcement, parole officers, corporate executives, NYT bestselling authors, television personalities, news reporters, conventions, teachers, professional gamblers, and the list goes on!
Get a grip on the lies and deception being used against you and have Steven come to your company, college, university, professional organization, conference, or convention and provide you will this results-proven, actionable, practical, and effective skillset!
Contact us to check Steven's availability, speaking and training rates, and to have your questions answered!  

I specifically attended his session so that I could return to interviews featured in The Netflix docuseries The Keepers.  I was fascinated to find so many of the indicators Steven demonstrated as I reviewed the individuals​.

Gemma Hoskins


The Keepers


People find it more difficult to lie to those they find attractive.


We believe people with beards more so than those clean-shaven.


When someone lies, their blinking rate often changes.

lie detection expert, expert lie detector, public speaker

Portions of this video were provided by Red Seat Ventures, New York, New York

Portions of this video were provided by Red Seat Ventures, New York, New York

I sat in on a session by Steven David Lampley on How to Catch a Liar.  Holy crudstunk – that was useful.  Not only is it something I can use as a true crime author when I interview people – it is something I can apply in my day-job as well.



New York Times Best Selling Author

His skills place him in the "cream of the crop" category.



Deputy Chief (Ret)

Homicide Division

Birmingham (AL) Police Department

You were awesome and the crowd
loved you!
CrimeCon Team
Red Seat Ventures
New York City

Standing room only with over 850 attending How to Catch a Liar in the Presidential Ballroom of the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville.  Fire code required that others be turned away.  Film crew at upper left in photo.        [CREDIT: Red Seat Ventures, NYC]

This was such an EXCELLENT presentation!!!

P. S. B.

Director of Special Education

Los Angeles COE (Ret)

Investigator of Litigation

Los Angeles County



lie detection expert, expert lie detector, public speaker


Join Steven as a regular contributor and show guest of Nancy Grace as they discuss some of the news headline cases on CrimeStories with Nancy Grace!

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Steven has been Nancy's guest more than fifty times!

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Video messages for birthdays, weddings, graduations, parties, voice mail messages, PowerPoint presentations, classes, or most any event!



Acute Stress Response and Deception Detection.  

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